Old Brand New Car

March 22, 2007 | 14 Comments   

My hubby decided to spray paint our old car. It is still in good condition after 6 years but there are scratches here and there. Honda is a reliable brand, hardly got any major problem. We do maintain it probably and service it constantly.

A few years back, I was tempted get a Honda Civic, but the trade in price wasn’t very attractive. Later we decided that we do not need a new car but put the extra money into some investments. I kind of like the previous design but not the current one as the back doesn’t look as grand. I heard the new Camry looks better and very spacious. Let see how Honda tops that. If ever I strike a lottery, I may buy a Honda Accord.

I must say the mechanic did a good job of spraying the car. He put a special coat on top and baked it to make it shinier and longer lasting. Another mechanic quoted us cheaper but he is spraying it in his backyard with no garage. We pay a little more so that the color will maintain for another few good years. If you want to spray paint your car in Penang, let me know, I can recommend you my mechanic.

Anyway, my hubby took some pictures of the before and after look.


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