Increase Your EPF Funds

August 1, 2007 | 6 Comments   

How many of you have invested in Unit Trust? How many of you know how? I am not a pro as well in Unit Trust investment so I chose to take a lower risk Unit Trust investment. Malaysia still got a lot of work to do in making Unit Trust work for us. Before investing, I did some research and reading on the good funds out there. Public Mutual has won a couple of awards and some of the funds have good track record of their yearly earnings.

Do you know you can use your EPF funds to invest? You are eligible if

1) Your balance greater than RM55K in Account 1
2) Below 55 years old
3) Must not have any withdrawal from Account 1 in last 3 months.

The minimum amount you can invest is RM1K and maximum is 20% of your balance in Account 1 minus 50K.

Withdrawal Documents required are 2 copies of your NRIC with clear thumb prints and completed the application forms. It will take 1-2 weeks for it to process if your agent is efficient.

I have invest in Public Mutual Savings Fund for 3 years now and the average return is 8%, not bad yeah as compare to the EPF 4-5%. For saving funds, if the company profits, dividends are given to boost up your investment. Lastly, to maximize the growth of your funds, you have to increase the fund yearly by doing a yearly withdrawal.

I am not an agent of any of the funds mentioned. In all investment there are risks. Do not simply blindly make an investment based on what agents tell you. Previously I have bought other trust funds that made loses, beware of those. Do the research and see the historical records. Most of it is published in TheEdge or other investment magazines.