Bravo Shirtliff

July 21, 2008 | 1 Comment   

Shirtliff cheerleaders from SMK Seri Bintang Utara, you make us proud!! Team Shirtliff came up first in the 2008 Malaysia interschool cheerleading competition. During my school time, the only thing I like on sports day is watching the cheerleaders perform. Team Shirtliff which is Red house always give the best performance. This is not a bias opinion because I am in Green house.

Why use the name Shirtliff? It is named after a missionary teacher Miss B. Shirtliff. We had names like Prouse for purple, Maclay for blue, Green for green and Cooke for yellow.

I was stunned by the school standard of cheerleading in this generation. It is amazing how the girls can do triple flip, front and back somersault. Where do they learn in from? Of coz in our days, the cheerleaders can only do dance movement and probably a human pyramid. The timing and movement was superb. By the way, Shirtliff had won 5 times in cheerleading competition. Team Shirtliff, you make the BBGS spirit lives on.

Now watch team Shirtliff do their amazing performance here:

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