Felt The Pinch

August 6, 2008 | Post Comment   

When petrol price went up, I didn’t feel anything. When food price went up, I didn’t feel anything. When café food went up, I didn’t feel anything.

Today, I felt the pinch. This morning I didn’t have time to go for morning breakfast at my local kopitiam. I decided that I will go to office and get something to eat. First I went to the vending machine to get my usual cup of milo. I put in 60 sen and a cuppa of hot water came out. Darn vending machine was out of order. Never mind, I scroll down to my office convenient store to buy a small pack of 3-in-1 milo powder. It cost RM1.00 (40% marked up). I also went to the café to get a piece of marble cake, it costs another RM1.00. Total spend: Rm2.60 and my tummy still growling.

I should have gone for the local mamak store, eat 1 piece of roti canai and a glass of teh tarik ice. Total cost: RM1.80 with a happy tummy. Sigh!

People are suffering and what does our gomen doing? They are more concern with the darn politics and internal affairs. No one taking care of the haze (people’s health), no one taking care of the poor people, no one taking care of upgrading kebangsaan schools and the children education system. I feel more than a pinch!

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