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Today I went to PBA (water utility) and TNB (electric utility) office to get a new meter install in my condo. First I went to PBA, I must applaud them for great service. They have given me good information. I walk in and the service officer processes my applications within 5 minutes. PBA has a very good centralize system.

Next, I went to TNB. First obstacle, the customer service personal with no smile and asking me what do I want. I told her that I wanted a new meter at my condo. She asked me where the condo is. I gave her the particular. She told me to go to another branch for the application. I believed that the branch is the nearest to my property. No centralize system which causes the customer a little hassle.

Comeon, it is not so difficult to have a centralize system right. PBA can do it, why TNB cannot? All they have to do is to key in the application and transfer to the nearest branch. Why do you need the customer to go to the nearest branch? Ini system tak boleh jalan!

By the way, I think Malaysian pay more to TNB than PBA! Service is poorer than PBA.

Another feedback is, I asked her so TNB opened this Saturday. She told me no, only Mon to Fri. I asked her this Monday open, she said yes. I asked her again but this Monday, Prophet Mohd birthday. She shakes her head. The security guard sitting next to her said “Tidak buka” meaning close. Sigh, now I have to go on a working day down town!

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