Steam Up

May 4, 2009 | 1 Comment   

Almost reaching boiling point, maybe it is the time of the month. Maybe not, 9 days more. I was shopping at GIANT Bayan Baru and saw a dual pack Dettol shower gel refill. It said SAVE RM8.90, I overlooked and I thought I saw RM8.90. It can be very deceiving with prices, be careful! Especially in hypermart, it hard to find the exact price on the shelf. You got to look for the check price scanner to find out how much it cost.

Anyway, I checked out and the price stated on the receipt was 16.89! Not a good deal, so I went to the staff to return the product and told him I saw the wrong price. He directed me to customer service. In the customer service, I had to fill up the form and everything was done. The staff asked me to wait. I waited and waited while my 2 children were snacking. It was nearing lunch time.

I heard the staff paged the cashier supervisor a few times, more than 4 times. No one came. 5 minutes passed, 10 minutes passed and 15 minutes passed. I had enough. I asked the staff a few times, she made excuses that the cashier supervisor was busy. Yeah right.

I stomped away, looking for the store manager. Blasted at him, saying “I waited for 15 minutes for a cash return, your staff page the cashier supervisor at least 4 times and no one came. Futhermore, look my children are getting hungry!” He looked at my children, each eating a packet of honey coated cashew nuts. He then signal the cashier supervisor, guess what she was doing. She was chatting with other staff. *shake head* Probably deaf because she didn’t hear the page. By the way, the walk from the counters where she was to the customer service counter is less than 5 meter away!

She returned back my money and I stomped out of there! If any of the GIANT management staff is reading this, please make your service a little more efficient for your customers and priced your goods clearly so that everyone can view.

Once I saw the big sign stated the price as RM9.99 but at the shelf, it is stated RM29.99 for the same product.

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