LB Class People I

January 30, 2012 | Post Comment   

I need to blog about this about a certain group of people who really has joined the LB Class People. Well, I always believed everyone is the same class but somehow this group of people really wants to put themselves there.

So what does LB stand for? LB is Lau Beh (in Hokkien) or odd type of people or people who do not conform to the standard, can be inconsiderate to other or irritate others.

Here are 2 real cases of LB people, you judge for yourself.

Case 1:
One day, I heard my mom shouting and I looked through the window. I saw a guy walking his dog, his dog was about to shit in front of our gate. After hearing my mother scolding, he pull his dog to my neighbor’s house and the dog is still shitting.

My mother kept telling him to take the dog somewhere else. He kept nodding his head but didn’t move his dog. How LB can he be?

Even, his dad came out of the house, telling him to do so. He just stands there with his dog and nod his head. Really something is wrong with him.

Case 2:
I was fetching my son to the tuition center. I was on the other side of the road. The road here is very narrow, even worst with parking on both sides. I wanted to turn into the parking lot but this car just stopped next to me, on the other side. I believed she is waiting for her child to come out from the tuition center. She didn’t budge, even when I horn her. She was causing traffic on both side, as she double park on the moving lane.

Thank goodness, the parking attendant came and asks her to move so that I can park. Another LB lady!

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