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  • Dell Factory Visit

    04.28.06 |Information, IT, Penang, Technology| Permalink | 5 Comments

    Yesterday, a few of us from my work place made a trip to dell factory in Prai. That factory produces 80% of the Dell notebook world wide. I am very impress with their supply chain. It is very efficient and no inventory storage that drive cost up, meaning maximize profit at the end of the day. All the notebooks are build to order. A lot of checkpoints, to make sure no missing parts.

    Each operator can produce at least 6 units per hour. You do the math to see how many they produce in a day. The factory runs 24×7. All testing on the notebook is automated and softwares are dowloaded in the same way. They have this huge racks, probably 5-6 notebook per rack for this purpose. I notice that the operators who assemble notebook are mostly female. Those in the server lines are male. Probably servers are much more complicated heavier.

    Actually Dell does not produce anything, mainly assemble the parts together to make the final product and name it DELL. By the way, if you want to purchase a notebook, order at the end of the quarter. If they run out of the specification you want, they probably bum it up for you to meet the orders. For example, if your notebook has 40G hard disk and they ran out, they probably give you a 60G or next higher in stocks. It doesn’t work all the time, ok, only if you are fortunate enough.

    Sorry no pictures for the visit because no camera allowed. However I did take back with me a lot of value added information and a great eye opener. Who knows, I may open up a MELL factory. 😆

    P/S I did get some door gift.

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