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My Slick Toy

I wanted to get a point and shoot camera because the current Canon camera is giving me battery problem. It seems that the battery always showing low very quickly. I saw a Lumix point and shoot I like. I read up some preview on the ZR3 and FH20 model. Most reviewers are saying good things about Lumix. I like the intelligent feature in the camera where I do not have to adjust any macro shots. Everything is done on the fly.

I made up my mind to get the ZR3 and I went online to see how I can get it cheap. US pricing was USD$230++ and here the local store was selling RM1299 with some free gift like SD card, tripod and leather case.

I surfed into ebay to check out the price there. A brand new one cost only USD$210 (est. RM$655). Wow, so I ordered one. I ordered it when I was in Kuala Lumpur, on Friday night. I thought it probably will take 2 weeks to arrive. Guess what? The camera arrived at my place in Penang on Monday. Talk about super efficient from the ebay seller. I am so very happy that I saved 50% on this camera. What a GREAT deal!!