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TNB Online

TNB has just provided a way for us to check the payment or status of the usage of electricity in our home. Lately there were some news about tenants not paying their electricity bills and it was amounted up to a shocking RM50K (~USD20K) without the land lord knowing it. After the tenants left, the land lord is left with a great debt. Worst is the land lord cannot sell or rent out the property with money owing TNB. The land lord must clear the bill.

However, most of us will wonder why TNB didn’t cut the electricity when the tenant didn’t pay the bill. Worst was, one of the case were related to an employee of TNB where he went through the back door to have his electricity re-connected back after it was cut. More stories here for TheStar newspaper.

If you are a land lord, better go sign up to the TNB Online and monitor the bill of your property closely. You can go to www.tnb.com.my and look for the e-service.