Flip Flops

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Everyone likes wearing flip flops and now they come in many styles. They are not very expensive footwear. I like certain brands because they are very comfortable for my feet. I have one that I wear until the sole almost came off. It is one of my favorites.

I believed I need to start looking for more favorites. Now you can find flip flops at wholesale and you can own more than 1 pair.

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Penang Bon Odori 2014

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This year I only look forward to the Fireworks. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! If you haven?t visited this event, you should. Every year, Penang will hold the Bon Odori Festival in the month of July.

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Looking Young

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Everyone likes to look young and do all kind of stuff just to make oneself looking a little younger. For me as I walk passed a beauty shop that sells hairpieces for women, I always wanted to try them on. Well to see how I would look with a different kind of hair style. Does it make me look much younger? I know that I will look younger if I have my hair cut short.

One thing for sure, it is always best to have a healthy body whether young or old.

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Garden Shopping

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Now I have a new hobby is to visit the local garden stores to shop for new plants. Today I got myself a strawberry and grape plant. It is difficult to grow these in hot weather. I hope I can make them fruit. I still got lots to learn when it comes to gardening. Sometimes I get over excited and got too many plants. I do wish they sell more varieties of flowers. Love those flower plants in US.

When I was in US, I bought lots of different seeds. And today I planted more than 20 different seeds. Now I am excited to see which will actually grow here. Let?s hope all make it. I just want my garden to have more beautiful flowers, vegetable and fruit trees. Let’s hope that happen.

Here is my strawberry plant..

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Shopping Time

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I am browsing lots of websites lately to do some online window shopping. I like looking at what is the latest, greatest and of course the best deal.

Take for example, Lego. My kids love Lego. Sad to say it is very expensive to get from the branded toy store. However there are many online resellers who sell it at a cheaper price. I managed to get some at a discounted price. I also know which store sells it at a better deal. Hey you can save RM30-RM50 per box for those large models.

Anyway, I will be at the land of Lego soon. My kids are already giving a list of things to buy.

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Health Tips

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I seldom get sick and I have a couple of health tips to share. I believed it has something to do with my garden. First tip to avoid sore throat and flu, is to chew basil leaves. I chew a couple of basil leaves every day. I plated lots of basil in my garden. I tell you, it is better than any sore throat candy you can find in the store.

Second tip is to eat mulberry. Yeap a good friend gave us some mulberry cuttings to plant. Now the mulberry tree cannot stop bearing fruits. Mulberries have lots of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. I heard it can prevent stroke too.

Lastly is drink more water and do exercise. I usually exercise when I work in the garden. It involved pruning plants, weeding and plant more herbs. Great way to make the environment better!

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Harmonica Music

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I always wonder how to play the harmonica. My dad is a harmonica player and he plays by year. Sad to say I didn?t get his gens. I wish I did. Now hoping my descendants will have it. Always like the sound of harmonica.

Then I found this:

After hearing this, I bet you will want to get a harmonica and join them.

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Maker vs Marker

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When the imagination becomes creation?

Great Talent There!

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Table Center Piece

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I am starting to do some crochet. Well I am not an expert and I just know the basics. The other day I found this website with very cool crochet pattern on table runners. I got some affordable yarn to start off the project. It was a small project and felt satisfied after completing it.

It is not the best burlap table runners but it looks great on my table center piece. I love creating pretty things with my hands.

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10 More Life Hacks

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I like watching Life Hacks because it gives me great household tips. How can I not share this with you?

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Disney Frozen Song

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A couple of cool music videos were done on the Disney Frozen theme song, ?Let it go?. Some were really good. I like these two videos. One of them is done by my favorite band and the other did a mix with African music. I must say they really have great musical talent.

There are many kids who can sing that song really well. Salute them for doing so.

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Benefits of Cucumber

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I like snacking on cucumber every now and then especially those Japanese ones. I am glad it can be grown here. Recently I read that cucumber can help remove uric from our body system. Here is the concoction:

Try it and hope it helps you!

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Chinese New Year 2014 Dishes

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I had a great feast this Chinese New Year. I had 2 reunion dinners this year. First with my in-laws and next with my own family. It was a great year with lots of good food from both sides.

Pictures tell a hundred words, here ya go!

First Reunion Dinner

Second Reunion Dinner

Abalone Treat

Ying Yang Kai Lan Which Looks Like Vege Hair

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Rainbow Loom is a big hit in US. However it has not come to Malaysia yet. Strange that it is created by a Malaysian but his home country is not selling it.

Anyway I got another brand from ebay. Actually I got it for my little girl. I can tell you that it is pretty addictive when the outcomes of the end product come out pretty. There are many video showing tutorials of different designs of bracelets and charm.

Here are a few that I did, cool eh!

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Curry Leaves

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I got this baby curry leaves plant at my church ground. I took it home any put in a planter box. I just like the way it grows. It looks like a big green flower.

Someone told me that if you chew 3 curry leaves a day, your grey hair will slowly disappear. I am not sure how truth but you can surely try. However it is not so easy to chew curry leaves as it has a tough texture and lots of fiber. It works better if you cut it into tiny strips for easy digestion. Try it at your own risk.

I still prefer to eat home made curry.

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DIY Shelves

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I got a couple of plank wood that I want to make into shelves. It is kind of DIY. All you need is a couple of corner brackets and drill in into the wall. Polish the wood and place it on top, secure it with some screw. Tada, you have a nice shelves where you can put books or any deco for your home.

There are many things that we can DIY and it is very easy to do. I just wish I have more time to do these stuffs. I like doing stuff with my hands.

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Of First Fruit & Flower

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I am so glad that my tomato plant finally gives me some fruits. I was trying to plant cherries tomato from seeds. Sad to say, I killed the first 2 plant. Well I guess the bugs or pest kill it. I am told that I don?t have green hands. But I won?t give up. I started another plant using some seeds. It germinated and grew.

I was so happy when the plant started to flower. Previous ones didn?t flower at all. Then the fruits came. It took a few weeks for it to turn red or orange. I cannot wait to taste my first fruit.

Another plant that made me was my orchid plant. It was flowerless for a few years. Suddenly flowers blossom and made my day. I didn?t even do anything to it.

Patience pays off!

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I always dream of wanting to play a cool etude eas student alto saxophone. I salute those who can play it too. I heard that this saxophone is easy to play even for a novice. The sound is pretty good.

Maybe when I retire and I still have the breath, I will but 1 to play. It is affordable. I can hear someone play this all night.

It is a great gift for anyone who is into music too!

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Horrible City-Link Express Courier Service

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I really had the worst customer experience with Malaysia City-Link Express Courier Service. It started when my purchase didn’t arrive after 3 weeks. The online tracking system is practically useless. I called to the KL HQ and they told me that the Penang agent will call me back. No calls back and I had to follow up a couple of time. Yet no calls from them and this happened on Friday.

The courier man came on a Saturday but I was not at home. He should have called to make arrangement so that I can be home to receive the parcel. So he left me a card. The card has invalid address and contact number. Can you believe that?

On Monday, I follow up with them again. KL HQ asked me to call Penang team directly. A sleepy head picked up the phone. She told me the delivery guy already left so the parcel can only be delivered the next day. I waited so long, what is another day.

Next day, there was no sign of the courier man. I called the Penang customer service again. A lady picked up but didn?t know how to operate the phone. After talking to her halfway, I heard the voice machine came up??!! I called again, now I think I am all steam up and the customer service had the guts to tell me that the system said, “Pick up” meaning that I have to go to the office to pick it up. If I wanted to pick it up myself, I would not have called so many times. I asked for the manager’s contact. I called the manager, he agrees to deliver the item by today. Yet no sign of him.

City-Link Express is unreliable, horrible customer service and empty promises!!!

Think twice or three times before using them at all!

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Attractive Labels Counts

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How many times have you shop in a supermarket and you cannot decide between the 2 similar products? Often I will go for the one with attractive labels and labels that tells me the ingredient clearly. Well if you are selling consumer products, make sure you have attractive labels. It makes a difference as compare to those boring ones. Many will choose attractive labels if they have to decide.

Browse through zooprinting.com/products/labels, maybe you can get some good ideas!

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