December 2006

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  • Jusco Penang

    12.15.06 | Permalink |Food, Penang, Shopping, Sushi| 12 Comments

    Why do I love to go Jaya Jusco? One and only one reason that is I can get cheap and tasty sushi. Every Jusco store has a sushi counter. All kinds of sushi or hand roll can be found like nigrizushi, gunkan and norimaki. Yummy. Most of them cost less than RM2 per piece.

    sushi sushi

    Why do my children love to go there? They have a smaller version of kidzsport, an internal playground with fun activities. It cost RM2 per 20 minutes per child. They also have arcade types of ride. I don’t recommend that you take any of those rides, as it will burn a hole in your pocket. RM1 for 1-minute ride.

    playground playground


    If you want to avoid traffic to Queensbay mall, go before 10am or 3-4pm or weekdays except Friday. At 3-4pm, the crowd will leave and of cause new crowd will come at 5pm for dinner. It is not as bad as Mid Valley jam though.

  • Bouquet of Bears

    12.12.06 | Permalink |Craft, Gift, Service| 7 Comments

    A few months back, I was surfing the online florist for a special gift or a gift idea. However I pretty much had some lousy experience with online florist who did not delivered what was posted on their website. Besides that, it is pretty costly or should I say overpriced for the items sold.

    bouquet of bears

    I wanted to give something to a special friend on her birthday and I saw a bouquet of bears, not flowers. Something that is pretty unique. As I was shopping, I saw this shop having bears for sale. I grabbed some and created this bouquet as in the picture. The cost of material is not very expensive. It is 20% of what the online florist would sell. Hey do you think I can make money selling this in Ebay? How much should I sell it for? I want to rent some Ebay space to test the market.

    By the way, it took me only 20 minutes to do a bouquet like that.