Disney On Ice

April 17, 2006 | 12 Comments   

I got some tickets to watch Disney On Ice over the weekends. Thanks to my friend who could get me 25% discount for the tickets. Tim was very eager to watch the show. He kept saying, he want to see Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and Incredibles which will be appearing. Every time, we pass by the poster, he will tell mummy he want to go watch.

The day came, we watched the 1 pm show, first show in Penang. Fortunately we went to see the first show, because later show have to wait outside the door for the previous show people to clear before they can entered. Imagine the hot sun.

The show was great, I enjoyed every bit of it. Emily didn’t. She slept through Act 1 and cried during Act 2. Probably she was too sleepy or hungry. She didn’t eat much at lunch time and mummy didn’t bring enough food to keep her happy. 😡

Anyway, it was not a big crowd. I would say 50% of the stadium was filled. My hubby took 200 shots, and here are a few for you to enjoy. I will certainly bring them to watch it again. By the way, I spend quite a bit to get those overprices souvenirs for Tim & Emily. The program book already cost RM30.

It was a great performance with a variety of fairy tales. I felt like I was in fairy tale land or in Disneyland. The stunts were ok, a few flips and twist. Music and dialogues were recorded. The program:

Act One
Goofy and the Zamboni
Finding Nemo
Beauty & the Beast
Classic Princesses
Toy Story
It’s a Small World

Act Two
Mickey Leads the Band
The Incredibles
The Lion King