To Be Saman (Fined) or Not To Be?

May 24, 2006 | 6 Comments   

This is a wake up post for all Malaysians. It is nothing new to Malaysian on how bad their driving ethics or skills are. Here is the non-exhaustive list:

  1. Some actually thinks indicators are an accessory. Often you find cars turning without indicating. Some indicate but never bother to turn it off after turning.
  2. Drive through emergency lane when there are traffic jams.
  3. Beat queuing by squeezing in between especially in toll areas.
  4. Very creative in creating more lanes on the road.
  5. Speeding behind ambulance as they want to beat the traffic.
  6. Speeding on the highway, if cannot overtake on the left side, overtake on the right side.
  7. Stop on the yellow box. I bet not many know what the yellow box is for.
  8. Stop to pick up passenger or wait on the side of the road with yellow line and cause the long queue of traffic behind. The drive doesn’t even care.
  9. Speed down residential area. Now I am seeing more and more speed bums, 3 speed bums in a 200 meters road.
  10. Double park, triple park and doesn’t pay attention to the poor fellow who park correctly when he horns.
  11. Using emergency indicators while driving, especially when it rains very heavily. Sometimes you cannot tell whether the car is moving or broke down. :sc:
  12. This is a classic one. :wall: If cannot find parking in a shopping mall, send a passenger down to look for one. When found, call the driver to come and block other drivers who got there first, from parking.
  13. Motorbikes who love to beat the red traffic lights, thinking there are racers.
  14. There are certain kind of drivers who couldn’t decide where they are going, driving in the middle of 2 lanes.
  15. ….etc…

Now when you are stop by the police because you got caught doing something illegal, like one of the above. What is the first thing you think off? Malaysians are very creative in finding many ways to escape from paying the fine. Think again. If you escape the hefty fine, please don’t complain about the above list, and tolerate every single one of them. If you cannot tolerate all the above, do drive with ethics and be considerate to others. :good: