Motivational Seminar

September 20, 2006 | 9 Comments   

Yesterday, my company organized a seminar by Lawrence Walter Ng. It is a very interesting seminar to motivate us. The main objective of this seminar is not motivation but how we should change our ways to serve our customers.

What is so cool about this seminar? Have you been to a seminar where everyone is motivated to participate, one way or another in a game, Q&A or volunteering to go up stage. There were more than 300 attendees. I must say the style of the trainer were very good. He is one of best speaker in Asia and he is a Malaysian. I am impressed by his work. There is just so much energy in the seminar.

If you are stress, depressed, not motivated with work/life or sad, just attend his seminar. He will teach you something that makes you see your life/problems in a different approach.

For example:

No Failures, Wrong Result, Change Strategy

There are no failures in life. We are not failures. However there are things we do that produces wrong result. Therefore we need to change strategy to produces the right results.

Often we hear these negative words:

– There are so many problems…
– I got scolded from my boss
– So difficult, cannot do…
– I don’t know…
– I’ll try …
– No Problem.

Change it to positive thoughts:

– There are so many problems -> There are so many challenges.
– I got scolded from my boss -> I got a message from my boss.
– Difficult -> Interesting.
– I don’t know. -> I find out.
– I’ll try. -> I do my best.
– No Problem -> My Pleasure.

By the way, he also gives out seminars to students who find problems in studying. The seminar is called “Art of Learning”. Pretty cool guy! He made me do a lot of silly things in the seminar itself that I never thought I will do. 😛

More info here: http://www.lwseminars.com/seminar.htm