Give Your Child The Best

August 6, 2007 | 2 Comments   

First time mothers, you have to hear this. First thing you need to learn about motherhood is breastfeeding. Read all about it and grasp the importance of breast milk. I will not go in details about the benefits of breast milk to your baby, you can Google it yourselves and find million of website, telling you that breast milk is the best for your baby.

A lot of mothers do not know where to start. Some mothers believe in myth that they do not have enough supply or have any to begin with. All mothers should have breast milk. If you have difficulty latching your baby from the start, you can try expressing your milk out. Once you have expressed it, the milk will come naturally and easy for your baby to suck. There are no hard and fast rules about breastfeeding. Do it in a way where you have less stress and you feel comfortable with. As long as your baby gets breast milk especially the first few days milk have colostrum. Colostrum provides resistance to your baby against various diseases and infections.

Get a good pump is the most important if you are a working mum. Don’t be stingy. Avent manual pump cost around RM200+. Imagine how much you can save on milk powder if you have successfully breastfeed your child for 1 year. Formula milk is not cheap, you know. Most mothers that I introduced Avent manual pump to came back to thank me. Nope I am not an agent of Avent. Try it and feel the difference.


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