iPhone Edge Setting For Local Telco

April 8, 2008 | 1 Comment   

Do you know you can set iPhone Edge to connect to your local Malaysia telco APN? With this feature, you can surf using your telco line. Beware of the cost associated with it. All you have to do is:

Go to Setting -> General -> Network -> Edge

For Digi, APN: diginet . Username and password is blank.
For Maxis, APN: net Username: maxis Passoword: wap
No sure about Celcom.

If you have your email setup, your iPhone will use Edge to check incoming email if no WiFi available, every 15 minutes I think. If you do not want that, remember to turn Edge off. You will be charge every time you use Edge. I probably will use it on an urgent need basis.

By the way, you can set iPhone to read Gmail or any other mail system with SMTP services. You need to setup the Mail setting on your iPhone.

I cannot wait for my 16G iPhone to arrive, end of the month. It will come earlier as intended. By the way, I must give it to Apple. I made an order which was supposed to ship out this week, which they did. Apple upgraded my shipment to Fedex Express without any additional charge. Usually a Fedex express will cost US10. How cool is tat?

1 Comment