Live Simple Life

June 30, 2008 | Post Comment   

With prices hike, we really have to live simple life. I heard a lot of tips on how we save petrol while driving, such as

1. Pump up your tires to the right pressure.
2. Drive at moderate speed. No speeding or changing speed rapidly.
3. Clean the air-filter regularly.
4. Use thinner tires.
5. Start up the car properly.
6. Avoid traveling with unnecessary weight in your car.
7. Be smart and take routes with less traffic congestion.
8. Avoid strong acceleration. No Mat Rempit style of driving.
9. Do not let your engine idle.
10. Use air condition sparingly.
11. Car pooling with your colleagues.

I must say the last tip would be move nearer to your workplace. You certainly can avoid the traffic congestion. If you cannot do that, maybe find work nearer to where you stay. However, one has to sacrifice to make it work. If you cannot, maybe you do not need the savings or you can afford the rise in petrol. If you can, stop complaining.

If you cannot save petrol, maybe you can save on other things. Buy what you need and abstain what you want. My favorite toast with butter and sugar only cost me less than 20 sens. I should eat more at home.

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