The Box

September 2, 2010 | Post Comment   

Finally the box arrived last Friday. That is my new work notebook and it is the EliteBook 2540. Some of the great features in comparison to my old notebook are:

  1. The DVD-RW is attached to it. I don’t have to carry separate devices.
  2. It comes with a camera. Yeah I can do video conferencing with my family when I am traveling.
  3. It comes with double the amount of disk storage. I was running out of storage with my old notebook.
  4. It has a strip of touch screen panel for adjusting the volume, Wifi, etc…still figuring out.
  5. The size is smaller but screen looks bigger.
  6. It has the fast Intel Core i7 chip.
  7. Spill-resistant keyboard. Let’s hope no water or dirt can fall into it.
  8. Longer lasting 6-cell battery.
  9. It doesn’t generate a lot of heat.
  10. It has the cool LED light for night reading. Not for the screen, for the keyboard.

I’m liking it. For once, my notebook wakes up faster.

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