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I ordered something online in an US store and intended to send to my friend in US. However when I checkout, the shipping address, it became my billing address. I wasn’t sure it was my fault or system bug. Anyway when I discovered it, the shipment went out.

I had to make a long distance call to the store customer service. Thanks to Skype VOIP that it is not very expensive for the call.

The CS rep picked up the phone. I can hear from her voice that she must have a bad day. I told her the problem and asked her to help called Fed Ex to change the shipping address. She told me she cannot do that. She said either I go pick it up from the Fed Ex nearest location or I have to call Fed Ex myself. The fact is Fed Ex only will entertain call from the shipper that is the store and not me. Anyway I asked for her manager and she put me on hold. Later the phone got disconnected.

I called the second time and another CS rep answered. She sound nicer and was willing to help. She told me that she will key in the new address into the Fed Ex system. Later my parcel arrived safely. Thanks to her.

The moral of the story is whether one is willing to help or not. If you are willing, you can make you customer happier. If not, you are not suited for this job as a Customer Service agent.

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