Don’t You Love My Company?

April 13, 2005 | 2 Comments   

I am starting to love my Company, it is a MNC (Multinational Company). MNC is famous for good benefits for the people. Besides the priority focus on Performance, Results, Speed and Accountability, it is also very people focus.

On certain days, I can work from home, when I don’t have on site meeting. I deal with foreigners a lot and do have many virtual teleconferences (meetings with different ppl from countries) at home. The infrastructure (telephone, remote access, notebook and etc) is all paid for, by my company. I have a foreigner as my reporting manager who is very understanding, measure by my performance, not how many hours I work, recognizes accomplishments with results. With working from home, I can be with my children while I work. Isn’t that nice?

Recently my company decided to add more UMPPPHH to the C&B benefits. I get RM1000.00 yearly for children medical expenses which mean free immunization jabs, free children medicine and free children doctor consultation are all paid for. Hospital bills are also covered under the company insurance package. They top up the employer EPF % for my retirement fund.

My husband company’s covers even maternity bills, gynae visitation & consultation for first 5 kids. Nope I am not having more children. Two is just nice.

All in all, I think companies should be more family focus and people orientated besides always focusing on company profitability. As one of the top 10 best companies to work for in US, states “When employees are happy, the customer will be happy too”. YEAH!