IRB Service

April 15, 2005 | 3 Comments   

Despite a lot of complains with regard to the implementation of the new 2005 tax system, I would like to compliment the IRB staffs for putting an effort in making it easy for us. I am sure it is not their fault that the higher management wants to change the system without studying the pro and cons.

What the IRB staffs did that was good?

  • All the forms can be downloaded from the website http://www.hasilnet.org.my .
  • Counters were open in shopping malls for questioning. Although there were some minor details that differ from one staff to another.
  • On site tax seminar is also available if the company wants to invite them.
  • Very friendly staff, for those I have approached so far.
  • I can call in to ask for 2003 balance, so that I can clear tax or have a refund back.
  • I have 2 tax reference numbers, as one is mine and the other spins out from my hubby. After, I was married, I notified tax office and transfer my tax file to Penang (from KL). I used the tax reference from my hubby’s file. My hubby ends with a “0” and mine ends with a “1”. However I forgot to update HR dept about it. It went on for 5 years and I just realized it this year. To my surprise, IRB actually diverted my PCB deductions to my new file number. Pretty need.
  • What need improvements?

  • New methods of filling in the form need to be documented in the Buku Panduan or Guidebook.
    • Numbers should be right justified.
    • Cut out the blank or not applicable entry, e.g. No Polis, Tarikh Cerai…etc.
    • No liquid paper.
    • Black ink is required.

  • Refund form is not in the website. Refund should be made easy for taxpayer.
  • Hey if you need us to submit the tax form and tax on a targeted date. Refund should also be set as a targeted date too.
  • Tax debit and credit statements need to be available to taxpayer. Online enquiry would be nice.
  • My friend saw a few people actually registered the mailing of the form to tax office. Jokingly I said, next 2 weeks, you may see people using POS LAJU to send the tax form.

    By the way, another tip, it is best to bank in (cash or cheque) the money to the designated bank. Why? The staff told me if you send a cheque and the mail arrives late or the IRB staff bank in the cheque late, the taxpayer is responsible. The date will be taken when the cheque clears.