Travel Tips – Space Maker

January 17, 2007 | 6 Comments   

Something innovative, I want to introduce to you. Look what a zip lock bag can do. This is a special kind, don’t use the grocery type, hehehe…it won’t work. It is a special roll up compression bag.

You know how bulky and heavy 1 piece of winter clothing is. If you dump it in your luggage, it probably takes half of the space. Here is what you can do to create more space in your luggage so that you can put more shopping stuff in. 😆

You can use this special bag to help you store your big bulky comforter, soft toys and blankets in a compress manner. It creates more space in your cupboard for other stuff. It cost RM19.90 for 2 bags. Mainly used for traveling.

The compression bag.
Fold the bulky item nicely.
Insert into the bag.
Use the white piece of plastic to seal the bag tight by moving left to right and back again.
Start rolling from the seal to the other end, the other end will let out some air to make it a vacuum inside. Flip it over and do the same.
Tada, a piece of flatten item.