COACH Haunting ME!!

March 19, 2007 | 13 Comments   

This is not a sponsored post but hoping it will be sponsored. :giggles: When I was in US, someone msg me, asking me to check out the price of COACH bag in US. Huh? What coach, sofa ah? Knowing me, I was not in trend with the latest handbag brands as I don’t carry one. The only time when I do carry one is when I am attending a dinner function.

Anyway, this person got me very interested and I found out that the COACH bag is very popular in US and Hong Kong. It is almost like LV, a very expensive piece of accessories. Vien and I went to the factory outlet at Gilroy to take a look, we were disappointed because the bags were not very attractive. The signature was hidden on all the bags. *kiasu look* Hey you want to buy an expensive bag, make sure the brand is in view right.

As we were shopping at COSCO, I was surprised that there was a booth selling COACH bag there, mostly above US200. COSCO was the last place I would see any expensive bags for sale. I was surveying at the SFO and HKG airport, minimum was at least US230. Well, for me, I will not spend so much for a hand bag. At first, if the price is right, I want to get 1 for my aunt.

During CNY, I saw my aunt carrying a COACH, gee it is haunting me again. My aunt told me that my cousin got it for her from Bangkok. Ha! Imitation and it looks like one too.

Finally, I think I almost forgotten the word COACH. A week ago, someone msged me telling me there is a sale and all bags going for 75%. Another temptation, it is like COACH is not giving up on me. So I surfed in the COACH website and with the recommendation from my friend, came up with 2 choices within my budget. Which one do you like and guess which one I am going to buy?


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