Mission From IRB

March 30, 2007 | 4 Comments   

I thought I am done with IRB. I have gotten my PIN and even completed my e-filling for 2007. A “mission” letter came from them yesterday asking me to declare my PCB for 1995 & 1996. It was not asking me to fill it in but to request my ex-employer to complete it.

Now it is really a mission, first of all, if you want my ex-employer to fill it in, they should send the letter to my ex-employer directly. Hey, I am not even sure whether they are still around. Secondly, they want record dated 1995, that is 12 years ago. I thought the policy is to keep 5 or 7 years record? I am not sure they even have that record. In IT, most systems survive at most 5 years and later will need to be upgraded or migrated. Imagine, 12 years ago, they were running on first version of Microsoft Windows, not it is going to VISTA. Worst case is the companies all have close shop and where are we going to get the data? My children will say “So Silly!”

Being a “collector”, I do keep everything all the tax documents, just in case something like this happens. Imagine I have all my pay slips from my first job till now. Anyone knows how to write a good letter in Bahasa Malaysia? I will tell them that I cannot get hold of my previous employer and these are the documents I have. By the way, I already settle it in KL tax office before I moved to Penang. IRB oh IRB, when will you improve your service and not give us any paperwork?


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