New Toys For The Parents – Apple iMAC

April 4, 2007 | 13 Comments   

I can throw away the Microsoft OS PC and welcome Apple Macintosh. I find that Microsoft Windows XP is giving us a lot of problems especially it has a very poor security protection. Most of the time, there are a lot of background processes going on in the background draining the memory away.

My hubby decided to get an iMAC since it has the best deal right now and endless benefit. It comes with a 20 inch monitor with iTune, iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie and iwhatever. Resolution is superb, good for watching video and photo rendering. The best thing with iMac, there is no CPU unit. What you see on the picture is all that is to it. iMac concealed all its working parts behind the gorgeous widescreen display. There is no sound at all when it is processing. Total silence!

It came with a wireless keyboard, no messy wire on the table. In addition, we got free speakers which we are going to sell it off. We don’t need such big speakers. The internal speakers are good enough.

Why iMac? You probably need a new PC to run Microsoft Vista. You spend less time troubleshooting, all hardware and software just work. You can run dual OS, Mac and Microsoft Vista on the same machine using VMware. Major, major importance iMac has the highest security with less malicious attack. You don’t need to hunt for drivers every time you install a new gadget or hardware. Besides that, it is known that iMac produce the best resolution for movie. Lots of advertising company is using iMac for their work of art. Have I changed your mind yet?

My hubby and I were exploring the iMAC til 1am yesterday. *yawn*


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