Annoying Letter

April 16, 2008 | Post Comment   

Yesterday, I got back from work, wanted to relax and I got this annoying letter. It is a house protection from HSBC Takaful. I am really frustrated with them and their unprofessionalism. Yes I have a home loan with HSBC but please respect your customer choice of house protection insurance plan. If you want customers, go somewhere else.

Last year Sept I have written to them stating I would like to continue with my current insurance company S&A that they recommended on day 1 I sign the loan. At least last year I was given the option to change or stay.

This year no option, they just shove the insurance certificate to me with payment listed. I was really furious because it was just 6 months ago I wrote to them, rejecting the offer. I call in to enquire. Guess what? The agent asked me to write in to cancel. Why should I when I already written in Sept. Wah every time you shove an insurance cert to me, I have to write in to cancel. You think I EFNTD!!!

Darn, you have given me more paperwork which I don’t need and waste my time too. You know what, if I am in US, I can sue them for causing me stress and poor health.

Anyway I settle it with the bank and fax in my current house protection plan. The bank can worked it out among them. Next month, I will not have such problem as my loan will end. Hooray!

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