“An Idiotic Assurance” Call Center

April 15, 2008 | 2 Comments   

I really wonder whether some companies here know what “Customer Service” is all about or are they trying to frustrate customers? Hoping they will go away.

I was really frustrated calling the customer service line for this company. If you want to know which company I am talking about, refer to the title.

I called the Customer Service Call Center, here is what I got.

Press 1 for Life Insurance
Press 2 for …
Press 3 for …
Press 4 for …

I am not sure which category my MLTA policy falls under and there was no “Other” category or “speak with an agent” option. They expect their customers to know their system in and out.

So I press 1. Wah lah…more options came up until they have to use 01, 02, 03…bla bla bla.

Oh and there is no option to go back to previous menu. If you make a mistake, redial the number again.

After a few try of calling the number again, I got to a point where I can key in the policy number. I enter the number, it wasn’t correct. It allowed me to key in my IC number and I did but failed.

I gave up after 5-6 calls. I went to their website to check to see whether there is an email or web form I can write to.

Guess what? Here is what I got: “Currently AIA Corporate Web does not support web browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.

It doesn’t work for Safari on my Mac and other browsers. I guess they are only servicing customers with IE. The least they can do is put a support email on that page which they didn’t. Tell how not to get frustrated?!! I am in a dead end with this.