Hong Kong Hollywood Disneyland Hotel

December 5, 2008 | Post Comment   

I must say that I had a pleasant stay with Hollywood Disneyland Hotel in Hong Kong. The only thing that is a setback is the rooms are very pricey. I guess that is Hong Kong, most hotel rooms rates are pricey. The rooms are very spacious and great for a family of four. The twin beds can be share with 2 persons.

Service was superb. You can leave your luggage with the concierge if you arrive early, so that you can first enjoy yourself at Disneyland park.

I had an opportunity to dine in with my family and enjoy the buffet. There was a variety of food there with my favorite sashimi, seafood, roast beef, roast goose, Chinese dim sum and plenty of dessert to go around. They even have a chef to cook special sauce pasta for the children. Do try the seafood sauce pasta, it taste great. Not forgetting the chocolate fountain.

A tip to get good savings in the hotel is to get the child annual pass. You can get discount rates on hotel room rates and dinning in the hotel. However there is a quota with discounted room.

I did enjoy my stay there. My children loved the sauna heated pool. Too bad it was fairly windy outside, if not we could have soak a little longer.


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