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December 12, 2008 | Post Comment   

I was surfing around to survey some credit cards out there. I have decided to change my credit card after 12 years of loyalty. I stayed with the bank because of their good service. However I found that their service has been deteriorating and it has the worst gift reward ever.

Anyway I saw this when I was surfing the bank website, it is really funny. The tag line is “For entrepreneur whose office is in the world” Anyone’s office in the planet or moon? It doesn’t protray the idea of exclusiveness. Mind you, it is a Platinum Business Card.

Jokes aside, so what are the good credit cards out there? It is funny, previously when I was not looking for a credit card, I see so many promoters everywhere. I used to walk like driving a car in an arcade trying to avoid them. Now I don’t see any of them. How sad, I was hoping to get some free gifts and goodies.

I heard that my friend used to sign up at every booth. He gets free goodies on the spot. However he didn’t received any credit cards, it must be an administrative bug. There he goes again and sigh up for the second or third round. I bet he got a whole lot of freebies in his home.

Today I heard that certain banks are giving no expiry dates on the bonus points of the credit cards. Anyone know whether CIMB credit cards bonus points expiry date? 1 year? 3 years? I kind of like the CIMB gift reward. I need to do more survey.

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