Caller From Mars

March 25, 2009 | 2 Comments   

I was about to head home from office and the phone RRRRRRINGGGGG….grrrrhhh

Me : Hello, Michelle speaking.

Caller: Hello, please can I speak to Michael XXX? *always pronounce my name wrong*

Me : Michelle XXX speaking.

Caller: Hello, please can I speak to Michael XXX? *ok didn’t get through to her*

Me: Michelle XXX here. There is no Michael. How do you spell her name?

Caller: M I C H E L L E

Me: It is pronounced as Michelle, not Michael.

Caller: Oh sorry. Please can I speak with Michael? 😡

Me: There is no Michael, only Michelle. Hey I am rushing for time. What do you want?

Caller: I am from CIMB Telemarketing. I want to speak with Michael. Is he around?

*I give up, she still insist that M I C H E L L E is pronounce as Michael. She is also expecting a male. Gatal Betul*

Me: Sorry I am not interested. *hang up*

Now you know why Malaysian needs more English subjects in school. If you are promoting stuff, please ensure you know how to pronounce your customer name. It also reflects poorly on the company to send out marketing staffs and does not provide any customer service training to them. Isn’t it a golden rule to get your customer’s name right first before selling?

Second golden rule is to LISTEN to your customer. I already told her that she has mispronounced my name. Or could it be she doesn’t know the meaning of the word “pronounce”. Sigh.

I really wanted to ask her name and call her something else. It really annoys me when someone called me Michael. Just spoil my Wednesday evening!