Autumn In My Heart

September 4, 2009 | 1 Comment   

I accidentally found this Korean Drama online and yesterday I watched it on YouTube. It created rainy weather in me. The story was so touching and made me cry almost on every episode. The story plot is about 2 gals being switched at birth. One landed in a rich family and the other in the poor family. The rich gal had an accident and the parents found out she is not their biological daughter. Later they found that their daughter is living with the poor family.

Sad to say that the rich gal gave up her place and goes to her actual biological mother. She had a very close relationship with her brother. The rich family had to leave for the states and left the rich gal all alone with the poor family. The condition of the poor family was bad. It was just so sad.

Years after, the rich family son came back to look for her sister. The interesting part came when the son’s friend, another rich guy acted by a charming actor named Won Bin came into the picture. He really makes every gals heart melt. The friend also love the girl but the girl love the brother. The brother also love her very much but he had a commitment to her fiancé.

The love from the friend is just unbelievable and his acting was superb. Not to mention he is good looking and charming!

Well, sad to say that the story had a depressed ending. You go find out what it is. It is a great story. You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_6jbC59hnQ&feature=related

If you want a good cry, this is a good drama to watch.

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