Fun Team Building

January 14, 2010 | Post Comment   

I was invited to a trainer team building for 2 days at my workplace. The fun thing is I get paid to join this team building. Paid for fun and I am serious! Today was the first day and I had great fun. It is all physical challenge with management lessons behind it. At the end of the day, muscles were aching.

The challenges I like was this, 3 members in a team, 2 members were blind folded and the other to guide using verbal communication. The objective is for the members to finish a series of obstacles.

From the trainer observations, the funny ones that make me laugh.
1. The guide started pointing the blind members to go to this and that direction. Hello… blind members cannot see.
2. One obstacle where one of the blind members has to pick up 4 different colored chips. The guide kept telling the blind member that it is the wrong color and asked him to pick the correct color. Hello…blind member cannot see colors too.

Last challenge was to keep a ball up in the air as long as possible. I like this because we came up with a near to the best strategy. We hit around 48 times before the ball fall to the ground. Good eh.

Looking forward to the second day.

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