Dead End Service

October 3, 2007 | Post Comment   

Staff: Hello
Caller: Hello. I have a supplementary credit card when it was offered to me, the staff told me there is NO FEES. Now there is an admin fees on my statement.
Staff: Please may I have your credit card number.
*She did the verification, she asked me 5 questions. My fuse will blow if she asked me another one.*

Staff: Yes, starting this year, all supplementary cards will be charge an admin fee of RM30.
Caller: How come there is no notification send to your customer with regards to this fee? This is not acceptable.
Staff: Sorry madam. Everyone, even the staff gets charged with this fee for supplementary card. *She didn’t answer my question*
Caller: Can I have the fee waive?
Staff: No, you can get the annual fees waive but not the admin fees.
Caller: Can I cancel my supplementary card and cancel the admin fees.
Staff: You can write in to cancel your card.
Caller: Can I talk to your supervisor or manager?
Staff: No one is available right now. *same excuse every time*
Caller: Can you have them call me?

She took down my details but no call back. I called in them again in the late afternoon.

Staff: Hello
Caller: *repeat the history..bla bla ba*
Staff: Sorry, there is nothing I can do, all supplementary card required to pay admin fees.*He didn’t bother to ask for my credit card number or verify my records*
Caller: Can I talk to the manager*
Staff: All managers are in a meeting.

Isn’t this silly? The bank hires so many promoters and sales people to promote their credit cards and attracting them with gifts. Isn’t it a waste of money when they should be spending some money to train their support staff to keep loyal customers. Sad to say that the support frontline people are chasing customers away. It certainly doesn’t make sense. *shake head*

…to be cont…

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