SMS Contest

March 1, 2006 | 12 Comments   

I won 1 big one, 3N SuperStar Virgo ex-Singapore Penang-Phuket Cruise for 2. The prize doesn’t cover seaport tax and flights to & from Singapore. Anyway, it is better than nothing. Any one knows a good budgeted hotel in Singapore?

I have won a couple of SMS Contest before. With SMS Contest, you really have to be careful because a lot of it, is out to get your money. I usually participate if I know I have 70% chance of winning. You also have to see who is sponsoring it, so that you will not be cheated.

So how did I do it? One night I was watching Quickie on 8TV during Chinese New Year One of the advertisements flashed on the screen, a CNY contest to win a cruise. I have a lot of balance on my phone so would like to exchange it for a vacation. I am not a phone person, at one time I had RM600 on my phone. The main purpose of my handphone is for emergency calls or locating my hubby in shopping mall.

With SMS Contest, you need to set a target on how much you willing to invest. For me, at most I wanted to invest was RM200. Actually I used less than that. Anyway, this contest is fairly expensive, RM1 per SMS. With that, you know that not many youths will like to participate in it, which tells me higher chances of winning.

I login into 8TV website to read more about the contest and did some research.

The contest goes like this.

1. You need to register your name, IC before you start. (RM1)
2. You need to send XXX to start the game. (RM1)
3. You need to answer 5 objective questions to score points (RM5)

It doesn’t matter how long you take to answer the questions but you need to get them right to get the points. I check up the Internet for answers. They only have a few set of questions and it will be repeated throughout. By the end of the contest, to win you have to score the highest, they called it rank 1. You can also pay RM 1 to check your ranking. See, it is all out to get your money.

At first, I played till I got 200 point and that got me to top ranking. After a few hours, someone went up to the top again. I felt that there is another person who wants to win this prize. Anyway, I score another 100 points and was top again. Next day, I was second. I scored another 100 points to get back to the top but it was not for long. Ok, I need to strategize and cannot keep this going, else you will drive the other person’s adrenaline up to compete with you. You don’t want to do that in a contest.

The contest end on 12th Feb. On 12th Feb, I check my ranking again, it was still 2. It tells me that I have only 1 competitor. It is not hard to win, right. At 11:15pm, I pump up my score till 500, and check my ranking, it was rank 1, to check how far behind the other person was. I added another 200 points at 11:55pm. It is fairly impossible with 5 mins to score so another 200 points right. At 12:00am, I check my rank, it was number 1. Yeah I won.

Warning, not all SMS contest work like this, so try at your own risk!!!