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  • IRB Service

    04.15.05 | Permalink |Service| 3 Comments

    Despite a lot of complains with regard to the implementation of the new 2005 tax system, I would like to compliment the IRB staffs for putting an effort in making it easy for us. I am sure it is not their fault that the higher management wants to change the system without studying the pro and cons.

    What the IRB staffs did that was good?

  • All the forms can be downloaded from the website http://www.hasilnet.org.my .
  • Counters were open in shopping malls for questioning. Although there were some minor details that differ from one staff to another.
  • On site tax seminar is also available if the company wants to invite them.
  • Very friendly staff, for those I have approached so far.
  • I can call in to ask for 2003 balance, so that I can clear tax or have a refund back.
  • I have 2 tax reference numbers, as one is mine and the other spins out from my hubby. After, I was married, I notified tax office and transfer my tax file to Penang (from KL). I used the tax reference from my hubby’s file. My hubby ends with a “0” and mine ends with a “1”. However I forgot to update HR dept about it. It went on for 5 years and I just realized it this year. To my surprise, IRB actually diverted my PCB deductions to my new file number. Pretty need.
  • What need improvements?

  • New methods of filling in the form need to be documented in the Buku Panduan or Guidebook.
  • Refund form is not in the website. Refund should be made easy for taxpayer.
  • Hey if you need us to submit the tax form and tax on a targeted date. Refund should also be set as a targeted date too.
  • Tax debit and credit statements need to be available to taxpayer. Online enquiry would be nice.
  • My friend saw a few people actually registered the mailing of the form to tax office. Jokingly I said, next 2 weeks, you may see people using POS LAJU to send the tax form.

    By the way, another tip, it is best to bank in (cash or cheque) the money to the designated bank. Why? The staff told me if you send a cheque and the mail arrives late or the IRB staff bank in the cheque late, the taxpayer is responsible. The date will be taken when the cheque clears.

  • ShortChanged

    04.14.05 | Permalink |Service| 2 Comments

    Ever felt shortchanged in your life. I went to a shop to get some goods, the goods are price to the sen. When you pay, obviously you have to pay the exact amount. However when the cashier return the change, there were some sen missing. I asked the cashier, where is my 2 sens. She replied, sorry, I ran out of sens. When don’t you give me 5 sens instead? She said she cannot do that. What kind of shop, robbing customers in broad daylight? I bet this happen to you. Now, I will carry a whole lot of sens with me. One time I even gave more than 20 one sen coins. Pay back time.

    Another frustration of “Malaysian Service” incident I had, my family and I were dining in Pizza Hut. We ordered our meals and one of the meal came with a “free spin” to get some special side dish free. I spin and got a free soup. At the end of the meal, we went to the counter to pay. As the cashier was reading out our order, she read out the soup. I told her that the soup is free. She gave a nod and went on processing the bill. The bill show 1 soup – RM1.50, then the cashier just disappeared. Before she disappeared, she asked us to sign the bill. I ask another cashier about the bill and she told me “Sorry I am not responsible”. What is wrong with the service?

    We waited for the responsible cashier to come back to explain the situation. She probably went to ask her manager with regard to the problem, but she did not tell us nor ask us to wait. She just vanished. She kept us waiting without a clue. When she returned, she opened the cashier and returned us the RM1.50. Now if you are not careful, you will be happy to accept the cash. However I spotted that she also charge service and government tax on the RM1.50. I probably will ignore it but due to her poor attitude, I made a big fuss out of it. In the end she returned additional 25 sens. If she had listen and take the free soup out of the bill, she will not have to do more work. The lame excuse she gave me was, she cannot change what was already keyed into the Point of Sales system. Yeah right! My thinking was she was hoping that the customer will not spot her mistake so that she can get away with it.

  • Don’t You Love My Company?

    04.13.05 | Permalink |Management| 2 Comments

    I am starting to love my Company, it is a MNC (Multinational Company). MNC is famous for good benefits for the people. Besides the priority focus on Performance, Results, Speed and Accountability, it is also very people focus.

    On certain days, I can work from home, when I don’t have on site meeting. I deal with foreigners a lot and do have many virtual teleconferences (meetings with different ppl from countries) at home. The infrastructure (telephone, remote access, notebook and etc) is all paid for, by my company. I have a foreigner as my reporting manager who is very understanding, measure by my performance, not how many hours I work, recognizes accomplishments with results. With working from home, I can be with my children while I work. Isn’t that nice?

    Recently my company decided to add more UMPPPHH to the C&B benefits. I get RM1000.00 yearly for children medical expenses which mean free immunization jabs, free children medicine and free children doctor consultation are all paid for. Hospital bills are also covered under the company insurance package. They top up the employer EPF % for my retirement fund.

    My husband company’s covers even maternity bills, gynae visitation & consultation for first 5 kids. Nope I am not having more children. Two is just nice.

    All in all, I think companies should be more family focus and people orientated besides always focusing on company profitability. As one of the top 10 best companies to work for in US, states “When employees are happy, the customer will be happy too”. YEAH!