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  • Stamps

    08.24.07 | Permalink |Hobby, Stamps| Comments Off on Stamps

    I started collecting stamps when I was in primary. However I lost all my precious stamps when I moved house. I started collecting again when I was in Australia studying. I love Australia stamps. Every month, the Australian POS will produce different pictures in their stamps. Due to budget constrains, I cannot buy all of them. Here are some of the collection I bought and others too.

    Lady Diana with Charles, this is a precious one.

    Measat First Malaysia Satellite Launched

    1997 Hong Kong Back To China

    Varieties of Australia Stamps

  • Multivitamin

    08.23.07 | Permalink |Vitamins| 1 Comment

    Do you know where to get cheap multivitamin? Costco in US. It is 5 times cheaper than what we get in Malaysia. I bought 1 bottle of 100 pills multivitamins with mineral, it cost about RM90. In Costco, I got a 500 pills for US11.69 = RM39.75++. I got a bottle for my children while I was there. The little cute dinosaur chewable comes in purple, red and orange.

    If you are going to US, you know what to shop for. Do not get too many because it has expiry dates. 1 bottle should last more than a year for me and my hubby. I don’t always take it, take only when I am stress, not enough sleep or immune system low.

  • IPhone Kills Trees?

    08.20.07 | Permalink |iPhone, Technology| 2 Comments

    I was crazy over the IPhone when it was virtually launched. However after reading about it and the arrival of it into the market, my craving of it has reduced. I am not saying that it is not a great phone, the technology and graphics are good. It has a great browser and features.

    The thing that is missing that I really want is wifi in that phone. It is not there. I mean with a full fetched Internet feature but no wifi. Do you know what that means? You need to pay for Internet access using your telco. In this case, AT&T and maybe future telco that comes alone. Sure it has a plan, use-all-you-need with 1 fixed price. If the plan goes way, you are in trouble. Imagine you get the hang of surfing with your iPhone and you have to pay for every min that you access the Internet with. Hefty!

    The latest news, with the iPhone, it produces over 300 pages of bills for some. Way to go for killing the trees, I wonder whose great idea was it to print it and send to customers?

    Watch this funny video:

  • Earning Extra With Blogsvertise

    08.19.07 | Permalink |Work| 2 Comments

    Blogsvertise is another great way of earning cash in the virtual world. Many years ago, people are finding ways to earn an extra dollar, especially those mothers who do not have a full time job. At that time, there aren’t many opportunity. Today, some creative soul has spark the idea of advertisement business among the bloggers. This has opened a new avenue for SAHM (Stay At Home Mothers) to earn some cash.

    For those mothers out there who wants to know how, ping me. Blogsvertise is a way you can sign up to do just that. First all you need is a blog. A blog can be journals of you parenting journey, your children milestone or any interesting happenings in your life. You can start hosting your blog in free space like blogger,com. No start up expense required.

    After you get your blog going, you can join Blogsvertise and submit your blog. Once you have your blog approved, you can start earning cash there. You will be given some assignments to review a product or service by writing about it. It is simple. You can earn up to US50-US150 if you get 10 assignments done. It pays well. Isn’t that cool? You can earn part time cash and still spend quality time with your children.

  • Keep Your Contact Lens From Germs

    08.17.07 | Permalink |Shopping, Tips| 2 Comments

    Do you know that you need to change your contact lens case frequently? A lot of cases of eye infection are due to contact lens and the main culprit is in the lens case itself. It is not wash or kept clean. Once I went to my friend’s place, I spotted that there were lots of dirt underneath her len’s case. Imagine putting some of that dirt in your eye and let is stay there for hours. We cannot see dirt and you do not know how it can hurt your eye. Hygiene is a very important when handling your lens.

    I like the Ciba Vision brand of Multipurpose Solution as it gives a new lens case in every box. It is a great idea as I do not need to remember when it is the last time I change my lens case. When I open a new box of saline, it is time to throw away the old lens case. Another tip, never use tap water to rinse your lens case, use the saline to do so.

  • Mattel Toys Recall (With Pictures)

    08.15.07 | Permalink |Recall, Toys| 1 Comment

    Mattel recalling more toys from the market due to lead found in the paint on the toys. It is harmful for children to play with those toys. If you own any of those toys below, contact Mattel for an exchange. Do not let your children continue playing with it as it may do harm than good to them. For non-US resident, you can view the respective service center to request for information to return those toys. I am sure I will be very choosy when it comes to buying toys for my children in the future.

    The pictures were downloaded from here.

  • Spot The Scam

    08.13.07 | Permalink |Greed, Scam| 2 Comments

    I have been reading a few scams that are happening in Malaysia. Honestly, people fall into these scam because of one word “greed”. The focus on all these scams has to do with money. They allure you with an illusion of wealth, being blinded by it, you will do anything to get it. Example, you will pay to get that illusion.

    The most common ones are get rich quick scheme or you won a huge amount of money as prize scam. It is so common, most people know about it but there are still people falling for it. Stay away from greed and spread the word around so that no more tragic cases. It can happen to just anyone.

    A friend of mine, her father fell in to a scam where by the con artist attracted him with a medical solution to help his wife. He fell in the trance and he didn’t know what happened. When he woken up by it, he saw that his money in the bank were withdraw using ATM. Bottom line, scam can come in various manner, be alert to spot them.

    Read in Kenny Sia’s blog on it, with English subtitle and another recorded scam conversation in Mandarin here.

    Be contended and stay away from “greed”.

  • Another China Product In Question

    08.08.07 | Permalink |Food| 2 Comments

    White Rabbit Creamy Candy is banned in Philippines for containing a potential cancer causing chemical called formaldehyde. It is reported in TodayOnline. It is really shocking news to me. When I was young, I love eating it. My children love it too. I even have some in my refrigerator and had to throw it into the bin.

    The manufacturer claims that the sweets were counterfeit in Philippines. Wow, it is a crazy world that someone actually counterfeit sweets? What’s the money there? Anyway, Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is doing further test on it. Until and unless, it is clear, I will not touch those sweets. By the way, it is not only the sweets that the Philippines authority removes from its stores but several other made-in-China products. It really tells us something. There are more alarming findings here.

  • Give Your Child The Best

    08.06.07 | Permalink |Baby, Breastfeeding, Parenting| 2 Comments

    First time mothers, you have to hear this. First thing you need to learn about motherhood is breastfeeding. Read all about it and grasp the importance of breast milk. I will not go in details about the benefits of breast milk to your baby, you can Google it yourselves and find million of website, telling you that breast milk is the best for your baby.

    A lot of mothers do not know where to start. Some mothers believe in myth that they do not have enough supply or have any to begin with. All mothers should have breast milk. If you have difficulty latching your baby from the start, you can try expressing your milk out. Once you have expressed it, the milk will come naturally and easy for your baby to suck. There are no hard and fast rules about breastfeeding. Do it in a way where you have less stress and you feel comfortable with. As long as your baby gets breast milk especially the first few days milk have colostrum. Colostrum provides resistance to your baby against various diseases and infections.

    Get a good pump is the most important if you are a working mum. Don’t be stingy. Avent manual pump cost around RM200+. Imagine how much you can save on milk powder if you have successfully breastfeed your child for 1 year. Formula milk is not cheap, you know. Most mothers that I introduced Avent manual pump to came back to thank me. Nope I am not an agent of Avent. Try it and feel the difference.

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