Thumbs Down Service

October 3, 2006 | 11 Comments   

I went to the bank to get a banker’s cheque. Usually I will just go straight to the counter 7, get the form, filled it up, pass to the officer to process, go to lunch and come back to collect. Easy, fast and efficient.

Today I walked to counter 7 to get the form. Officer gave me the form, request me to get a ticket number.

No problem, fill the form up and get a ticket number. Go to counter 7, pass him the ticket and form. He told me to wait for number to be call and other counters (1 to 6) can service me. He was servicing another fellow who came after me while I was getting the number. I told him, the last time I did that, the officer counter 1-6 will refer me back to counter 7. He asked me to wait.

I waited as he was still servicing the other guy slowly. I asked him again, can I leave the form here while I go for lunch, later come back to collect. He asked me to wait.

Later, my number was called at counter 4. I passed the form to the officer at counter 4. He called the officer at counter 7 as he didn’t know how to process it. Officer 7 instructs officer 4, but officer 7 had difficulty. Officer 4 passed everything to officer 7 and asked him to process it. Back to counter 7.

After 2 minutes, he asked me to go for lunch while he process my documents and come back to collect when it is done. He just wasted my precious time!!

Note: The officer who service me is a Chinese. 🙂