Spot The Scam

August 13, 2007 | 2 Comments   

I have been reading a few scams that are happening in Malaysia. Honestly, people fall into these scam because of one word “greed”. The focus on all these scams has to do with money. They allure you with an illusion of wealth, being blinded by it, you will do anything to get it. Example, you will pay to get that illusion.

The most common ones are get rich quick scheme or you won a huge amount of money as prize scam. It is so common, most people know about it but there are still people falling for it. Stay away from greed and spread the word around so that no more tragic cases. It can happen to just anyone.

A friend of mine, her father fell in to a scam where by the con artist attracted him with a medical solution to help his wife. He fell in the trance and he didn’t know what happened. When he woken up by it, he saw that his money in the bank were withdraw using ATM. Bottom line, scam can come in various manner, be alert to spot them.

Read in Kenny Sia’s blog on it, with English subtitle and another recorded scam conversation in Mandarin here.

Be contended and stay away from “greed”.


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