Vexed & Brain Tuner

August 31, 2008 | 1 Comment   

After upgrading my iPhone to the new 2.0 firmware, I am overwhelmed by the things I can do to my iPhone. iPhone is great because it is a music machine, a phone, a electronic book, a camera, a voice recorder and a game station.

Talk about games, now app store has over 500 games for me to download. Obviously I have a bunch of free games that I downloaded and tested. Let me share some with you.


Vexed can be very addictive and it is an award winning game. The mission is to get rid of all the colored balls by putting the same colored balls together. It sounds easy right but of coz it has its difficulty. It is a good game to train you on problem solving skill. Sometimes it needs you to think outside the box in order to solve the puzzle.

With the iPhone version, there is a “solve” button which allow you to see the answer of the puzzle. With that, you can proceed to the next puzzle and not get stuck. Very cool for a free game.

Brain Tuner:

Another additive game. The game is to see how fast you can identify a 20 or 100 correct math problems. All you have to do is to select wrong or right to the problems on screen. It is very challenging to break your own record. Of coz for any wrong answers, points will be deducted. My fastest time for a 20 math questions is 17 seconds that is less that 1 sec for each questions. Try it yourself and see whether you can beat my record.

1 Comment