Melamine Food Products

October 27, 2008 | 1 Comment   

After the big sad tragic incident on China milk powder that contain the chemical substance of melamine that cause many children in China sick, now everyone is very concern about their food intake. I am very worried because I heard more products now contain melamine that is harmful to us. How can the food company be so irresponsible and not have the food tested for toxic substances? Even as we speak, there are biscuits that are not melamine free. Worst is government just ban the foods produce but not close down the company.

I went to the fsq.moh.gov.my and downloaded the spreadsheet which has a list of products that has melamine that is over the acceptable level. In another words, these product can make you sick or put stone in your kidney.

Here are they, please don’t buy any of these foods. By the way, there is another list in fsq.moh.gov.my that has food list :
that is not melamine free but on an acceptable level. Whatever level, I do not want to eat food with melamine in it. I hope government will enforce the food company to label the melamine ingredient in all products.

Ego White Rabbit
Creamy Candy 135 ppm
Vigour 888 Filling Roll 4.71 ppm Taro Biscuits (Bairong) 75 ppm Biskut Creamy
Chocolate (Dikilangkan
oleh Khian Guan
3.66 ppm
Biskut Lemon Pof 3.7 ppm Biskut Square Puff 4.36 ppm Biskut Cocoa Puff 4.91 ppm Biskut Jagung Puff 6.46 ppm
Potato Cracker 17 ppm Biskut Ais Jem 3.33 ppm Biskut Marie Besar 6.64 ppm Biskut Campuran 7.99 ppm
Biskut Family Crackers 7.6 ppm Tasty Cracker 2.57 ppm Biskut ABC 12.6 ppm Zoological Biscuit 5.16 ppm
Supercrown Cracker 9.11 ppm Healthy Puff 8.85 ppm Biskut Sandwich Oren 5.05 ppm Biskut Mini Puff 22 ppm

*Note :
Action Level
• Makanan Bayi / Baby Food : 1.00 ppm
• Makanan Lain / Other Food : 2.5 ppm
ppm= parts per million (mg/kg)

Stay away from the food above!

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