Poor Courier Service

March 18, 2009 | Post Comment   

I got a package from someone and the courier service Skynet failed to deliver it after many attempts. They really drive me mad. First, they called me on my off day at 3:30pm while I was having a nap. The customer service asked me whether will I be home? I told them I am and he put down the phone, not giving me time to ask any questions. He didn’t tell me when he will be coming.

He turned up at 5pm and I went out to fetch my son. If he told me the time he was coming, I could have waited for him. I cannot just sit around the house does nothing and wait for them to come.

I told him to come during my lunch time at Xpm, next day. Second attempt, he came. Xpm – 40 minutes and expect me to be there like I don’t work.

The customer service calls me again and this time it was a lady. She asked me whether they could deliver to my office.

CS: What is your company address?
CS: How do you spell that?
Me: *oh no, spell it for her*
CS: Address?
Me: Free Trade Zone
CS: Apa tu?
Me: *sigh*, just put FTZ
CS: Thank you

I cannot stress that English is very important in school. Any day I am for Maths & Science in English! I am so proud of us every time a foreigner say to me, Malaysian do speak fluent English. It means more jobs here too!

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