Of Ice Water & US news

January 28, 2010 | 1 Comment   

I am in US and it is freezing here, for me, that is. It is 9°C and every eating place I go, they served me ice water. Like I need to warm myself up with ice water. Ice water is not really good for health. I mean why do you want to freeze your digestive system? It probably will disturb it and it will not function as it is suppose to.

Don’t drink ice water, drink warm tea. I had developed some sneezing and nose congestion when I was here, it may be due to allergy. After I drank some warm tea, my nose cleared. Feeling so much better. Please do not serve me anymore ice water.
Anyway, what is happening in the States here? Lots!

Coach outlets on Sale! Some bags were a good buy like tote bags, swingpack bags and wristlets. And I got my poppy!

Apple is making an announcement today with a new launch of a new gadget. I wonder what it is. Some say it is a tablet PC.

Toyota Big US Recall and halting sales until the root cause is found and solved. Looks like the car suddenly accelerate and accelerator jams. Only new models manufactured in North America. I am feeling a little nervous because I am driving a rented Toyota Corolla.

Ok I am practically broke from shopping. I will be doing some window shopping only, that is very sad.

1 Comment