March 1, 2010 | 2 Comments   

A lot of us have bad stories about their maid but for some of us, we may have some good ones but never bother to tell.

I must say I had a maid who drove me up the wall and I decided to let her go back. Then I went for a part time maid. How did I find this part time maid agency? They drop in info to my mail box and I called them up. At first the maids they send to me were not good, one took a long time to clean 1 room, another practically took down all my stuff from the shelf to wipe but don’t know how to put it back and one didn’t have a clue what cleaning was all about. Finally, they sent one which I stick until she went back home. The agency sent another one which is as good. So far, I am sticking with this agency because they trained them well. The rate is RM9 per hour, minimum of 5 hours.

We do have bad impressions of maid, probably from horror stories we heard from people. Or it is us that we set high expectation of them. If they do not meet it, we get angry and scold them. When they are scolded, they perform worst and it is a vicious cycle. End of the day, both losses. Extreme cases end up in newspaper headlines. I can safely say, most of them are not trained at all. Who is to be blamed? The agency and not the maid but the maid kena left and right.

Anyway, I want to say good things about my part time maid. She does her work very well, everything she does is clean and tidy. She is honest, she returns back the money she found in pockets while doing the washing. One day, I had to leave her at home alone because I had another appointment. I know I shouldn’t but I have no choice. When I return home, everything was done accordingly. She didn’t even take the opportunity to be lazy. Only complaint is, often I have to remind her of certain places to clean. She does it when she is reminded. I am pretty please with her. I do reward her with bonus and gifts. End of the day, she is happy and I am happy.


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