Beware Of Scam

April 13, 2010 | Post Comment   

Would you sign away RM18K (~USD$5.4K) on your credit card, for an investment plan with no contractual documents? I cannot believe one of my close relative did that. I smell a SCAM right away. We had to talk her out of it. It is funny that she doesn’t realize it like gotten into a spell.

The company showed her a lot of pictures of testimonies and promised her a RM600 monthly return for life every month. They allure her into giving away the money. When someone asked the OOSIS sale person that she had no money at the end of the month to pay the RM18K, he actually advised her to borrow money from Loan Shark Ah Loong.

I did a search using Google on this company and found someone blogging about this company too: Blogger Case

Previously using the Scratch & Win Scam!
I wonder how these people can live with their bad conscious of cheating old people money. Don’t they fear God who will punish them eventually?

Anyway I would suggest to her to make a police report and go to the bank to dispute the credit card transaction right away! Beware of this company scam and spread the word around.

If you do your math calculation, RM18K to produce RM600 per month for life, there would be a 40% yearly return for life. How do they generate that?

On another scam, beware of “get paid to click ads”. Basically they pay u to watch ads and click ads. The scam is asking you to invest your money on your clicks. Example, you click on ads for a period of time, you get $0.01, if you invest USD100.00, and your clicks will be $10. The more you invest the more money you get back. The scam ends when you don’t get your money from your earnings.

If you think hard, how do these companies get money to pay you? Most of the ads are repeated and I don’t believe any companies would put an expensive ad in an unknown & not established companies such as this. Again beware!

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