Consumer Tribunal Case

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Here is how you submit a Consumer Tribunal Case…

You can go to the online to submit your case here. First you have to register to get an account to login.

With that account, you (Penuntut) can submit Form 1 (Borang 1), state your case and the party you want to claim from (Penentang) online. If you are not sure whether it is a valid case, you can submit an enquiry without any fees and wait for their reply. The system doesn’t send any notification, so you have to go in to check every now and then.

After you submit Borang 1, you need to pay RM5. You can use internet banking to transfer the money. A receipt will be given to you.

Print out the Borang 1 and you need to send or give the Borang 1 to the party with a witness. If you are sending, you need to register the letter and get AT (Akaun Terima) card. Ask the post office about AT card. The AT card will indicate that the party has received your Borang 1 and details of the case. The AT card will be send back to you by the post office if your party received the registered letter. Ensure the address is correct. No AT card, no case! If got AT card and the defendant didn’t attend, you will be awarded.

AT Card:

Wait for the hearing date listed on the Borang 1 and a blue Borang 4 will be send to you. Remember to bring your myKad, AT and Borang 4. Important: If you have evidence, bring it with you.

The defendant will need to submit a Borang 2 which contains his defendant statement. You have to read through it before the hearing. Some defendant may want to settle and if you agree, just tell the judge before the hearing. The settlement will be documented.

On the date of the hearing, you and your defendant will be called. Judge will advise for a settlement to get a win-win situation. If not, hearing will begin. You will give your statement and your defendant will give his. Show all your evidence if judge asked.

If you are awarded, you need to wait for the awarded letter. Within 14 days, the party has to pay you whatever you are awarded. If not, they will be fine or jail or both.

In Summary:

1. Register an account in
2. Submit Borang 1
3. Pay RM5
4. Print out Borang 1 and send/give to the defendant. If registered letter, get the AT card.
5. A blue letter Borang 4 will be sent to you.
6. Wait for hearing date, be on time.
7. Bring myKad, Borang 4 and AT card.
8. If awarded, get awarded letter.
9. Case closed.

Simple right?

Here is the award letter against Celcom….

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