Useless TAC

June 25, 2010 | Post Comment   

When you build a security system such that no one can use it, it is useless. I was trying to book some movie tickets from GSC using M@ybank to pay for it. I tell you it is a real pain! The bank encourages us to do Internet banking but putting a bad security protection such as TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) just make their ease of doing transaction USELESS!!!!

Here is what I encountered. I reserved some seats for Toys Story 3 at the GSC website and I select to pay by M@ybank2u. It brought me to login to M@ybank2u, everything is fine and I click request for TAC. Wait…wait….wait…wait….never came. The screen logged me out, it is a security feature. Guess what? The TAC came BUT I CANNOT USE IT because YOU LOGGED ME OUT! The TAC is only valid during that login. *GERAM BETUL NI*

I tried 3 times and I gave up. I resort to use my Credit Card to pay instead.

Please M@YBANK, you should go and relook into your Internet Banking Tool. If not, it will sit there to collect dust.

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