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I had to go the US for work and it was kind of a rush planning. First my US Visa has expired after 10 years of usage. I had to reapply and traveled down to Kuala Lumpur for the interview. The interview was only 5 minutes for me but I had to wait in queue for more than 90 minutes. It was a busy morning.

After I got my Visa, I had like 2-3 weeks to plan out my trip. This is the first time I am flying the east coast, meaning I get to land in New York. It was a golden opportunity for me to see New York. I wanted to do it after my work is done in US. However, an email came from a manager asking me to go to west coast for a meeting. I guess my plans had to change. It means I will have to visit New York first before work.

New York is an expensive place. The hotels are more than USD150 per day. I was working on a tight budget. I went online to search for good breakfast and bed. I found a good deal with this lady, she was renting out her spare room for US$60 per day. I negotiated with her and she gave me a discount totaling $150 for the trip, with no tax. Definitely a great deal. Her place was very near to the bus stop, one bus to New York City. She was a very nice lady too.

Next I got a New York pass that comes with Hop On and Hop Off buses around New York City, totaling USD135 for 2 days. The pass gets me free entrance fee for most of the places of attraction like Statue of Liberty, Museums, Madame Tussaud, Empire State Building, Top of The Rock and many more.

First Day
It was a rainy day and I had to wear poncho on the bus. It was not a good day so I decided I will go to Madame Tussaud, Top of The Rock and Empire State Building. At the end of the day, I did some shopping at Times Square. It was mostly window shopping, nothing much to buy.

Meet The President.

Brad & Jolie

Top Of The Rock
It was a great view up there. I can have a great view of Empire State Building from here.

Empire State Building
This was cool, a must go for everyone. You have to plan it well. At first, I wanted to go up in the morning but the guard told me that the view was not good as it was cloudy. It was raining too. The guard asked me to come back at 5pm. I did and the queue was not bad.

At 5pm, the rain stopped and the view was amazing. I decided that I would stay to see the sun set. I made the right decision and the sun set was splendid. You can see the pictures below.

The Promise

Amazing Sunset From Empire State Building View

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