A Taste of KrisFlyer Bad Service

March 4, 2007 | 13 Comments   

I am so very frustrated with KrisFlyer (SIA Frequent Flyer Program). Here me out and if you are in my shoe, see you will steam up. When I return from my US trip, while I was in Changi Airport, I tried to register my miles. First the SIA agent told me that they are not train to do KrisFlyer, requesting me to call the customer line. I requested them to help me to call. The agent did and she waited for 30 minutes and she didn’t manage to get through to any customer representative. Worst is they tai chi the problem instead of helping, claiming that SIA and KrisFlyer is a different entity. *faint*

I requested to see the manager. He is very helpful, helping me to reach the KrisFlyer staff. On the other line, the KrisFlyer agent told me my card expired and I need to apply for a new membership number. They didn’t send me any notification for cancelling my membership. The agent ended the conversation with “I will put an investigation and call you back”, which she never did.

As I am told, I went online to register for a new account and deposited my miles online. Guess what? I received a notification stating I cannot register my return flights. I called the agent again. First she told me, there is a name mismatched, I told her how come my departure flights had no problem as I have the same names on all the tickets. :think: Then she told me, it was a coach sharing flight which miles are not given. It doesn’t make sense, the price of the tickets were the same. It is like a student who doesn’t know how to answer an exam question and kept guessing (pakai hantam).Finally she ran out of excuses and told me she will investigate further and get in touch with me.

Today, I received a mail stating they have deposited my return flight on my old card. I am back to square 1. Now I have miles on my old and new card. I want to strangle someone already. What kind of system do they have there I wonder? It is just a simple process and they cannot get it right and they represent SIA.


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