Keep Left

April 30, 2009 | Post Comment   

I remembered in my school days, I was taught to keep to the left side when walking. It is just like how we drive. When I go up the stairs, I need to keep left. I wonder did you have the same teaching. I found many did not because in my work place hallway, people just walk however they like.

These tend to bang into me when they corner on the right side. Sometimes these people like to take short cut.

And then there is the escalator. Malaysian escalator has no standard. Some time the left side of the escalator goes up and sometimes the right side goes up. They are a confused lot.

At the escalator, people likes to stand in the middle blocking people who want to go down fast. Haven’t they learned to keep left and leave the right side for traffic flow? I believed in Singapore, signs are everywhere to make sure people are aware and do the right thing.

Keep left next time you walk yeah except when you are in a different country. Different county has different directions.

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